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The role of technical sales managers


Technical sales managers oversee the overall sales process of a company, from meeting with potential clients to successfully closing deals. They manage a sales team and ensure individuals work toward common goals. Technical sales managers can be a dynamic on-site or remote job, in being the point of contact regarding sales for both technical and non-technical personnel.

Generally, technical sales managers must have a thorough understanding of a company’s products and/or services. This is essential to successfully selling these to novel or existing clients. Typically, technical sales managers must explain specific features of products and services and be able to contextualise these to the needs of diverse customers.


The demand for technical sales managers


Any positive and popular workplace trend has the ability to transform the duties and perspectives of a job in Malta or elsewhere. Various professions must be up-to-date with trends to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive jobs market. For technical sales managers, current trends are:

  • Increased digital skills: as businesses grow more reliant on integrating technologies to get work done, technical sales managers are also using software to conduct their daily tasks effectively. 
  • Technical talent: as part of managing a team, it’s important for managers to scout for talent with the right technical skills to be able to successfully handle today’s workplace demands.
  • Focus on improved customer experiences: to maintain positive relations with consumers, it’s critical that technical sales managers and their teams strive to build meaningful connections with their customers. Customers can have multiple demands and require the help of managers to address these. 

With the above in mind, technical sales managers and their teams work to ensure a positive approach to their work, from meeting with clients to addressing their requests. With a solutions-oriented mindset, technical sales managers can assist customers and support colleagues consistently.


Duties and responsibilities of technical sales managers


As a manager on-site or remote job, the duties and responsibilities in technical sales can be quite diverse, depending on the organisation’s size and available resources. Nevertheless, common duties and responsibilities of technical sales managers are:

  • Create company market strategies that work alongside business sales goals,
  • Grow customer base,
  • Work to make the company’s market share more profitable,
  • Meet with clients to address their needs and preferences,
  • Share details of an organisation’s products and services,
  • Prepare contracts when successfully closing deals,
  • Organise proposals for new and existing clients detailing novel business opportunities,
  • Maintain positive rapport with clients,
  • Ensure customers receive new business updates regularly,
  • Train personnel on product knowledge and customer service skills, and
  • Keep up-to-date with market research to develop current products and services.

Overall, the technical sales manager on-site or remote job works closely alongside internal and external personnel to ensure a positive customer service lifecycle. They regularly conduct market research to determine whether there are novel ways to improve a company’s current products and services. If anything new is implemented, technical sales managers must communicate these new features to existing clients effectively, be it in verbal or online communications.


Salary expectations 


The demand for technical sales managers is rapidly increasing, leading the career with fast-paced growth capabilities alongside impressive salary raises. The Castille Salary Survey is based on the average gross basic salary ranges we have seen offered in the local market over the last 12 months. This survey is updated quarterly, remaining representative of current market trends.  

For a global perspective, it is worth keeping in mind that sources vary and are subject to change with time. Considering these variances, salaries for technical sales manager jobs consistently reflect an average salary ranging from $60,000 to $90,000 a year. These numbers vary according to level of experience, specialisation, and other associated living costs. 


Education and qualifications of technical sales managers


Technical sales managers typically earn a bachelor’s degree in technical areas such as engineering and computer science. However, it’s not uncommon for this job in Malta or elsewhere to possess a business-related degree instead. Interested applicants for this IT job should look for opportunities to learn in sales, software that influences product development, and similar topics.

Usually, the knowledge of products and services gained as a technical sales manager depends on the organisation and industry they work for. In collaboration with the company’s sales team, managers are able to organise strategies that recognise and develop products and/or services. As managers represent a more senior role, it’s not uncommon for these individuals to specialise in a certain area according to an industry of interest.


Trending technologies and skill sets 


The foundation that makes a successful technical sales manager is found within technical knowledge. As mentioned beforehand, this means comprehending the full extent of an organisation’s products and services. With this knowledge, managers are able to understand the needs of diverse customers and help develop a product that is truly supportive.

With the above in mind, below highlights the trending skills of a technical sales manager:

  • Communication: as individuals largely involved in customer support, communication is a vital skill to ensuring positive customer experiences, especially when addressing complex concerns. 
  • Problem-solving: at its core, this on-site or remote job addresses customer queries with products and services. Technical sales managers review issues surrounding the sales process and work to resolve these alongside their team.
  • Sales:  technical sales managers are adept in presenting a company’s products and services effectively so as to close numerous deals with clients. Sales skills can also work with negotiating skills and interpersonal skills to successfully progress in the sales cycle.
  • Technical skills: technical sales managers are expected to know the ins and outs of a product, and nowadays, this means having the technical knowledge in understanding the role technology has within products and services. This knowledge will be helpful when working to solve customer queries.

Considering the above, technical sales managers intertwine their technical skills with interpersonal qualities that support successful sales outcomes. As being an integral figure in the sales process, managers can be directly involved with first meeting clients, understanding a product comprehensively, and later closing deals. 

With their knowledge and expertise, technical sales managers support their teams in coaching them in the above skills accordingly.


Career path of a technical sales manager


For individuals looking to combine their technical knowledge with business skills, this IT job can be worthwhile. It’s an opportunity to grow your skill sets in both engineering and sales, with the ability to communicate these effectively with diverse internal and external personnel.

Albeit an already more senior position, technical sales managers can continue to advance in their on-site or remote careers. They can become sales directors, vice presidents of sales, and even c-suite positions such as the chief executive officer (CEO) role. 

Managers can also work in diverse industries due to their various skills and breadth of knowledge, such as in product development and marketing. With the influx of remote jobs, it’s not uncommon for these roles to be offered remotely, making such a job in Malta or elsewhere increasingly accessible around the world.


Begin your technical sales manager career with Castille 


Now that you’ve critically assessed what working as a technical sales manager is about and whether it is right for you, you are able to kickstart your career in this ever-growing field. As technology and the workforce continues to rapidly advance, the role of a product manager remains a career suitable for the long-haul.

Technical sales manager