Frontend Developer

Intermediate ( 3 - 5 years )
Siri Software Solutions Ltd
IT Services and IT Consulting
Remote UTC-10
Job Category
Front End Developer
Skills Required
Mobile Frontend Developer with IONIC Experience
- Remote

Key Responsibilities

Work with modern web frameworks and advanced CSS to create applications, components, and APIs
Enhance application functions for efficiency and performance
Responsible to test code across platforms and browsers
Responsible for documenting the processes and communicate issues
Collaborate with agile team and backend developers to support a diverse and cross functional team, and provide guidance on frontend design and implementation
Translate UI/UX design wireframes to working code
Bridge the gap between user design and technical implementation

Required Skills

Ability to understand and adapt to communicated requirements from the client or team lead
In-depth understanding of the entire mobile web development process (design, development, and deployment)
Extensive experience working on cross platform framework such as Ionic
Deep knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Demonstrated experience working with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or Bootstrap
Experience utilizing source code management tools such as Git, TFS, Azure Devops Services
Know how to install iOS Certificates and Provision profiles
Familiarity with cross-browser compatibility testing and debugging
Expert in JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React
Knowledge on latest open standards and web technologies and how they can be used effectively
Knowledge of restful APIs and micro services
Familiarity with an object-oriented programming language such as Java, Python, C#, or Ruby
Good understanding of macOS network.
Strong communication skills, verbal and written
Worked in Agile development method.
Experience with writing user stories and tasks.

Minimal Experience and Qualifications

3+ years of experience with frontend development
5+ experience with Ionic
Experience with submitting apps to iOS and Android
Experience developing and deploying mobile application
Understanding of key web or mobile design principles
Proficiency with code development tools
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