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The role of a head of corporate services today


The head of corporate services role represents a senior position in the financial sector. As a leadership role, heads of corporate services run project delivery and is a key figure in decision-making. Albeit a finance job in Malta and elsewhere, this role is usually involved in various areas of a company. Examples include financial governance, HR, internal operations, etcetera.

Candidates are able to actualise a career as a head of corporate services after many years of work experience in a related field. Typically, applicants would already have some managerial experience before applying to this finance job. With managerial skills, heads of corporate services are able to supervise internal teams and take care of certain administrative functions. They are often also left to devise training initiatives for employees.


The demand for a head of corporate services


Albeit not always a necessary role within organisations, heads of corporate services are becoming more in demand due to their duties across internal functions. Administrative and duties related to governance can both be fulfilled by a head of corporate services. Add these significant elements to a further operation role—and it becomes clear to businesses that employing a head of corporate services can be crucial for successful business growth.

Perhaps one of the most significant qualities that raises the demand for this finance job is the involvement with HR. HR services are some of the most vital in a corporation, especially in ensuring internal development runs smoothly and inclusively. Heads of corporate services can also fulfil the role of an HR manager.

With the above in mind, the qualities and responsibilities of a head of corporate services are vast and dynamic. Individuals are able to monitor the growth of internal operations that includes various departments, including financial and compliance components. Their role aligns well with business objectives in that internal developments follow short- and long-term company goals.


Duties and responsibilities of a head of corporate services


Interested applicants in this finance job in Malta or elsewhere must be prepared for a dynamic role which is supportive of various internal teams and collaborate with senior management regularly. They have a say in key business decisions, including planning activities and other practical inputs. Ideal candidates will already have some background and work experience in a similar role, that is, one with managerial experience. Whilst this finance job differs according to the business and industry, common duties and responsibilities of a head of corporate services include:

  • Ability to create training measures for internal functions,
  • Apply analysis and problem-solving skills to project management duties,
  • Comply with legal frameworks and regularly manage similar documents,
  • Understand and implement HR frameworks, including onboarding processes and recruitment,
  • Consult with external individuals like clients over diverse business matters,
  • Produce business plans,
  • Organise and produce reports that are shared with stakeholders,
  • Supervise and manage teams that are both on-site and remote,
  • Ensure internal teams comply with company policies and amend these where appropriate, and
  • Regularly meet with senior managers to discuss company planning.

Overall, the head of corporate services role works as a role-model for internal teams in terms of keeping individuals engaged at motivated in their on-site or remote jobs. They ensure employees contribute to meeting business goals and assist in the career development of team members. 


Salary expectations 


The demand for heads of corporate services is rapidly increasing, leading the career with fast-paced growth capabilities alongside impressive salary raises. The Castille Salary Survey is based on the average gross basic salary ranges we have seen offered in the local market over the last 12 months. This survey is updated quarterly, remaining representative of current market trends.  

For a global perspective, it is worth keeping in mind that sources vary and are subject to change with time. Considering these variances, salaries for head of corporate services jobs consistently reflect an average salary ranging from $35,000 to $85,000 a year. These numbers vary according to level of experience, specialisation, and other associated living costs. 


Education and qualifications of a head of corporate services


Due to the dynamic nature of this finance job, the head of corporate service role reflects various academic needs. Most jobs in this area look for candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Due to a competitive jobs market and because the role is a managerial one, it’s not uncommon for applicant’s to also present a master’s degree in the same area of knowledge. 

Further, depending on the company and industry, heads of corporate services may require additional qualifications to successfully fulfil this role. For example, for individuals looking to work in an IT job, companies will appreciate applicant’s having demonstrable IT experience. Otherwise, most qualifications to engage in this career path reflects demonstrable career experience and skills in various company functions.


Trending technologies and skill sets 


Working this finance job in Malta or elsewhere necessitates a candidate who is motivated and driven to observe a company succeed. For organisations looking to employ a head of corporate services, this role is invaluable in ensuring smooth internal operations. This means that the skill set of such a profession includes a healthy balance of the following:

  • Technical skills to support software used internally and externally, such as to effectively create and share reports and similar insights,
  • Organisation skills with a keen attention to detail to keep up with internal operations across departments,
  • Managerial skills to demonstrate one’s ability to supervise and develop internal teams,
  • HR skills such as those needed to effectively design and deliver coaching, learning and development programs, and talent management programs,
  • Interpersonal skills to positively engage with diverse teams and collaborate with other senior management,
  • Problem-solving skills to address various company needs, and
  • Business and accounting knowledge in understanding payroll procedures and similar policies.

Generally, a successful head of corporate services is someone who works well with teams and is able to communicate with individuals from all levels of the business. They are organised and can handle projects under deadlines and can effectively plan diverse business strategies. Heads of corporate services are also able to make sense of technical data and create meaningful reports to drive business decisions. Due to the integral nature of this role, applicants must be motivated and have high standards regarding the quality of general business procedures.


Career prospects as a head of corporate services


As a head of corporate services, duties, and responsibilities expand to include coaching, policy recommendations, improving employee relations through team building, for example, and other leadership responsibilities. It’s an ever-evolving role that differs across various industries according to company requirements. As an integral member of a company, heads of corporate services will continue to flourish in a competitive jobs market.

For jobseekers interested in pursuing a career path as a head of corporate services, individuals should work to gain valuable work experience in any preferred industry. Of course, if applicants are interested in specialising in a certain industry, they should look for finance jobs in these specific areas. A job such as this one requires demonstrable work experience, especially experience related to managerial roles and professions that work alongside internal operations. 


Begin your head of corporate services career today with Castille 


Now that you’ve critically assessed what working as a head of corporate services is about and whether it is right for you, you are able to kickstart your career in this ever-growing field. As technology and the workforce continues to rapidly advance, the role of a head of corporate services remains a career suitable for the long-haul.

Head of Corporate Services