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The role of chief marketing officers today


Chief marketing officers (CMOs) lead diverse marketing departments in successfully delivering marketing campaigns from inception across development. They work to communicate with target audiences among various channels, nowadays increasingly on social media. Through these campaigns, CMOs aim to improve brand awareness and increase sales. 

As the most senior position in marketing, CMOs oversee any marketing or advertising activity across company functions. They’re in touch with diverse markets and services that can help outreach their communications. Nowadays, CMOs remain up to date with technical trends due to the popularity of social media networks and similar digital marketing techniques. The ambitious role of a CMO is achievable for any marketing and similar IT job in Malta or elsewhere, remaining a career that is adaptable to market trends over time.


Summary of steps to become a chief marketing officer


Although the remainder of this article will explain the following points in more detail, below are a summary of steps in how to become a chief marketing officer:

  • Receive an education: as a more senior role in marketing, CMOs typically earn at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar discipline like business administration or communications. The background of a CMO can be quite diverse, so it’s worth exploring what courses are available in your locality with an interest in marketing coursework.
  • Earn other qualifications: due to the competitive nature of such a job in Malta or elsewhere, CMOs can upskill in diverse industry areas to stand out from other job applicants. For example, looking into certifications such as sales management and business development can be helpful for campaign and strategy purposes.
  • Organise your CV: CMOs often possess demonstrable work experience in relevant marketing fields before engaging in this senior role. This means successful applicants must prepare their CV and other qualifications sufficiently to include the most valuable and relevant details to impress hiring managers. 

After ensuring you have the right education, qualifications, and work experience, you are prepared to look for job postings relevant to CMO positions. Look for on-site or remote jobs you are qualified for and that interest you, and continue to upskill in relevant areas to increase your chances of finding the right job for you.


Duties and responsibilities of chief marketing officers


Organisations will be looking for CMOs with a great track record in leading marketing teams, constructing successful campaigns, and can showcase how they improved sales through their strategies. With their knowledge in marketing, CMOs can assist diverse internal functions in increasing brand awareness and similar positive principles. CMOs should be ready to incorporate novel technologies among other responsibilities, including:

  • Supervise marketing teams and provide guidance to team members,
  • Coordinate various media relations,
  • Devise regular goals and targets to encourage team members,
  • Create diverse marketing campaigns and monitor their performance over time,
  • Observe competitive analysis and market research,
  • Ensure brand cohesion between company profiles,
  • Deliver consistent communications and establish a clear company voice, and
  • Build positive relations with various contacts and maintain these over time.

Nowadays, the CMO job in Malta or elsewhere is becoming more varied and adaptable to technical trends. Digital marketing, for example, employs various online tools to create successful campaigns. There are various means to communicate with target audiences, and the CMO will know what tool to apply for diverse channels and campaigns.


Salary expectations 


The demand for CMOs is rapidly increasing, leading the career with fast-paced growth capabilities alongside impressive salary raises. The Castille Salary Survey is based on the average gross basic salary ranges we have seen offered in the local market over the last 12 months. This survey is updated quarterly, remaining representative of current market trends.  

For example, CMOs can expect a salary that ranges from €100,000 to €120,000 euros. It is worth consulting with our salary survey for further insights into executive jobs in Malta. 

For a global perspective, it is worth keeping in mind that sources vary and are subject to change with time. Considering these variances, salaries for CMO jobs consistently reflect an average salary ranging from $90,000 to $175,000 a year. These numbers vary according to level of experience, specialisation, and other associated living costs. 


Education and qualifications of chief marketing officers


As a more senior and leadership position, CMOs often possess a bachelor’s degree and even a master’s degree in marketing or a related aforementioned discipline. Educational experience is complimented by several years of work experience, especially experience in a managerial position. Hiring managers will look for individuals that have the leadership skills to match their work experience. When you are undergoing coursework, it’s worth exploring ways you can improve your leadership skills and take on relevant projects.

As mentioned beforehand, it’s not uncommon for CMOs to engage in other certifications that can help them understand the job market better alongside evolving trends. Relevant topics include digital marketing and project management, for example. This can help CMOs broaden their knowledge in this on-site or remote job and continue to upskill in a competitive job market.


Trending technologies and skill sets 


As a collaborative job, it’s no wonder that CMOs gain their skills in ones such as verbal and written communication. In working with various office functions, other trending technologies and skill sets include:

  • Leadership: a great part of the CMO role is to lead and supervise teams, especially marketing functions, to improve consumer experiences whilst interacting with a brand. CMOs understand that elements such as campaigns are successful when driven by various team members and their innovative inputs.
  • Communication: CMOs communicate and collaborate with internal and external parties of a business. Communication skills are also vital when curating effective advertising and similar media.
  • Technical skills: nowadays, CMOs must possess diverse technical skills to improve important marketing components such as SEO, email communications, and social media.
  • Time management: whilst this skill is valuable across many jobs in Malta or elsewhere, CMOs must be tactical in strategising marketing campaigns and ensure its performance remains stable and positive over time.

The above illustrates the general skills of such an IT job that is focused around supporting business professionals whilst ensuring internal structures operate well. They understand current business objectives and help amend these during shifting workplace trends. 


Career prospects as a chief marketing officer


CMOs typically work in various office environments, including a work from home job. They collaborate with diverse personnel frequently and facilitate internal and external communications. The consistent use of valuable hard and soft skills employed by the CMO is transferable across organisations, meaning these individuals are able to work in diverse workplace settings.

For jobseekers interested in pursuing a career path as a CMO, individuals should work to gain valuable work experience in any preferred industry. Applicants must consider their area of specialisation thoughtfully and apply for jobs that are relevant. CMOs can continue to improve their technical and soft skills through independent learning and keeping up with marketing affairs.


Begin your chief marketing officer career today with Castille 


Now that you’ve critically assessed what working as a CMO is about and whether it is right for you, you are able to kickstart your career in this ever-growing field. As technology and the workforce continues to rapidly advance, the role of a CMO remains a career suitable for the long-haul.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)