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The role of administration assistants today


Administration assistants support diverse company functions and serves as a main contact point for internal and external individuals. As the economy evolves and grows further demand from businesses, administrative assistants are invaluable to ensuring these companies run smoothly and are kept organised.

As organisations require different needs, administration assistants usually undergo training when they are first employed. This is so they understand present company operations and other unique qualities of a business. It can take some time to learn the ropes of a new business, so interested applicants should be prepared to learn specific expectations to engage in this finance job in Malta or elsewhere.


Summary of steps to become an administration assistant


Although the rest of this article will explain the following points in more detail, below are a summary of steps in how to become an administration assistant:

  • Earn a high school diploma: unlike many finance jobs, administration assistants needn’t require a bachelor’s degree to succeed in this profession. However, in a competitive jobs market, adding some kind of training to your diploma can help your chances in actualising this career.
  • Improve your technical skills: as an administration assistant, you will generally use a computer or laptop to organise documentation and similar tasks. You will also use various software to manage your daily role. It’s worth getting used to such hardware and software when you can. One example includes Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Distinguish between industry best practices: in this finance job, you’re able to select an industry you are interested in. If you have an idea of which industry you’d like to work in, it’s worth taking the time to understand specific industry trends and best practices, to better prepare yourself for the job.

Once you’ve taken the time to do some research on an industry and the role itself, you’re prepared to start applying for jobs. This will require a good CV and cover letter. Whilst you are applying, you can make use of your time in connecting with business professionals over social networks such as LinkedIn. Building these connections can help your chances in finding the right job for you.


Duties and responsibilities of administration assistants


As mentioned beforehand, the administration assistant is a key point of support for internal and external parties of a business. Whilst their duties may vary according to industry, common duties and responsibilities of an administration assistant includes:

  • Organise calendars of diverse professionals and manage meetings, personal appointments, and other commitments such as travel,
  • Be the first point of contact for any phone calls and forward these to the respective departments,
  • Respond to various company emails,
  • Be involved with record keeping and organise documents such as those for presentations and other meetings,
  • Review industry-related documents through data analysis, and
  • Organise office supplies and inventory-related duties.

From the above, you can see that administration assistants work on diverse tasks to ensure the order of company operations through collaboration. Their role is truly communicative, meaning jobseekers should aim to work on their interpersonal skills to succeed in this finance job in Malta or elsewhere.


Salary expectations 


The demand for administration assistants is rapidly increasing, leading the career with fast-paced growth capabilities alongside impressive salary raises. The Castille Salary Survey is based on the average gross basic salary ranges we have seen offered in the local market over the last 12 months. This survey is updated quarterly, remaining representative of current market trends.  

For example, administration assistants can expect a salary that ranges from €18,000 to €30,000 euros. It is worth consulting with our salary survey for further insights into finance jobs in Malta. 

For a global perspective, it is worth keeping in mind that sources vary and are subject to change with time. Considering these variances, salaries for administration assistant jobs consistently reflect an average salary ranging from $40,000 to $50,000 a year. These numbers vary according to level of experience, specialisation, and other associated living costs. 


Education and qualifications of administration assistants


As indicated in the summary of steps section in this article, most administration assistants earn at least a high school diploma. Depending on the organisation, assistants may also need to pursue a bachelor’s degree to gain a competitive advantage among other job applicants. Relevant fields include business and communication, or similar disciplines. 

Additionally, for technical skills, it’s worth exploring certification that improves technical proficiency in the use of software. Assistants can improve their skills in business writing, documentation, and organisation skills. These are usually supplemented by valuable work experience. Administration assistants must be prepared to undertake training procedures when joining a company, specifically to learn technical tools relevant to their finance job. As part of their training, assistants may shadow other administrative professions to learn various processes.


Trending technologies and skill sets 


As a collaborative job, it’s no wonder that administration assistants gain their skills in ones such as verbal and written communication. In working with various office functions, other trending technologies and skill sets include:

  • Organisation: administration assistants play a large role in ensuring businesses run smoothly. This means they must be organised and file documents accurately, as well as plan meetings for multiple business professionals.
  • Time management: in working with a variety of tasks, administration assistants are able to prioritise their workload, so these can be achieved under their respective deadlines. Time management skills often works hand in hand with organisation skills.
  • Communication: as the first point of contact, administration assistants must be approachable and professional to both internal and external individuals of a company. They should be clear and effective communicators so that any party understands business procedures. In this way, administration assistants are adaptable in working with various business professionals.
  • Technical skills: administration assistants use software and other applications to organise and manage daily tasks.

The above illustrates the general skills of such a finance job that is focused around supporting business professionals whilst ensuring internal structures operate well. They understand current business objectives and help amend these during shifting workplace trends. 


Career prospects as an administration assistant


Administration assistants typically work in various office environments, including sitting at a desk and using computers or similar equipment to effectively carry out their role. They collaborate with diverse personnel frequently and facilitate internal and external communications. The consistent use of valuable hard and soft skills employed by the administration assistant is transferable across organisations, meaning these individuals are able to work in diverse workplace settings.

For jobseekers interested in pursuing a career path as an administration assistant, individuals should work to gain valuable work experience in any preferred industry. Of course, if applicants are interested in specialising in a certain industry, they should look for finance jobs in these specific areas. Administration assistants can continue to improve their technical and soft skills through independent learning and training measures provided by the company.


Begin your administration assistant career today with Castille 


Now that you’ve critically assessed what working as an administration assistant is about and whether it is right for you, you are able to kickstart your career in this ever-growing field. As technology and the workforce continues to rapidly advance, the role of an administration assistant remains a career suitable for the long-haul.

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