The Value in Measuring Employee Performance
20 May 2022 2 mins read By Sudha Babajee

Performance management for remote jobs and teams has always been a crucial game-changer in directing the output and efficiency of a team. 

At Castille Labs, we have a well-planned performance management cycle which sets out clear expectations, promotes communication, and motivates our Castillians to become the best version of themselves. Our team also aims at optimising the performance of all Castillians on our platform, in terms of aligning their performance to a client’s organisational goals through continuous guidance and coaching.

The following post will outline how Castille operates through a consistent and inclusive performance management system.


What’s our approach to effectively manage our Castillian’s performance?


We keep our remote Castillians engaged by remaining in constant touch with them and by having regular one-to-ones, to guide them through feedback received from clients. Receiving regular feedback from clients works to help our Castillians working their remote jobs achieve their goals and feel included in the larger scheme of project development.

To improve remote team productivity, our performance management cycle indicates clear expectations through an onboarding process at the very beginning of a Castillian’s journey to remove any chance of miscommunication and confusion. In this way, every Castillian is aware of their expectations and the ideal behaviour that will set them apart from other applicants, so that they can perform with more dedication.

We also try our best in setting the right accountability for Castillians, clients, and ourselves. With remote work comes many distractions and ambiguity in our daily remote jobs. Our performance management process ensures that our remote team keeps in constant communication with us and our clients, clearly understanding our expectations. It also removes any confusion about reporting and makes our Castillians more responsible and accountable for their work.

Additionally, we spend time on building trust with our Castillians. We ensure that our remote teams trust us to share their concerns and that they can openly discuss their issues. We build trust with our teams in the following ways:

  • Continuous communication,
  • A genuine interest in the wellbeing of our people, and
  • Encourage their professional growth.

Finally, we believe in carving development opportunities for our remote teams through our performance management process by developing them for potential prospects. Overall, understanding the value of performance can mean a difference in retaining talent for the long-haul. 


Interested in learning more about the value in performance management? Explore how Castille Labs aims to satisfy your remote talent needs, no matter the geographical location.

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