The iGaming Industry in Malta
09 Oct 2018 2 mins read By Luigi Muscat Filletti

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries locally as well as internationally, with statistics showing a significant increase in company growth both through revenue and job opportunities.


Why Malta for iGaming?


Throughout the years, the iGaming industry in Malta has flourished, with Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Chairman Joseph Cuschieri stating that Malta is “the jurisdiction of primary establishment for most operators within the industry”, and it’s easy to see why.


Favourable Tax Regime & Regulations


Malta is one of the few countries which grant online gambling operators their gambling license which is needed in order to operate their services. Malta has offered a unique and favourable approach to the iGaming industry, advancing with a solution to regulate, rather than restrict, the affairs of the industry. This approach is a transparent one, ensuring that a safe and well-regulated market is maintained.

Malta’s benefits of being a European Union member of state also play a part in its successful technical infrastructure to the iGaming industry, due to the allowance of free movement of services and money laundering safeguards in particular. As a result, the industry enjoys low rates of official fees and taxes related to online gaming due to the attractive company tax regime that Malta has to offer. These business-friendly tax and gaming regulations help create the ideal conditions for a company within the iGaming industry to base themselves in Malta. This is also a win-win situation, with the iGaming industry contributing 12 to 13 per cent of Malta’s overall GDP.


Benefits of living in Malta


Moreover, Malta’s central location in the Mediterranean along with its warm and sunny climate (averaging 300 days of sunshine a year!) also make it an attractive destination. In addition, the easy accessibility to sources of leisure and entertainment, as well as the numerous on-going activities around the Maltese Islands offers strong work-life balance. The numerous beaches offer great sources of relaxation and partying alike, with events taking place on every day of the week, especially during the summer months. The level of crime-rate is also very low, in fact one of the lowest in Europe, and the medical system is also one of the best in the European Union, therefore offering a safe and secure place to settle in. Malta’s membership in the EU, excellent flight connections to Europe and the English language being an official language further strengthen the decision for other European people to come and work for such companies in Malta.


Growth of the iGaming Industry in Malta


The growth of the iGaming industry in Malta is clearly recognised by stakeholders and decision makers who understand its importance to the economy. Ever since Malta became the first EU member to regulate online gaming in 2004, the iGaming industry has steadily grown to embed itself within Malta’s economy, making Malta a world-class iGaming hub where international companies within the industry can operate. By keeping up-to-date with the growing advances in technology, offering great support to customers as well as offering considerable attention and benefits to their employees, organisations in iGaming operate strongly and show they are here to stay by focusing on short-terms goals to achieve long-term success.


Increase in Recruitment & New Job Opportunities


It is no surprise that the companies within the iGaming industry invest significantly in developing the talents and skills of their employees through training and mentoring programmes across all departments. The iGaming industry has brought along with it an excellent offering of roles which are necessary for all companies to operate successfully. Today, a number of job openings are available for international as well as local individuals seeking a career in iGaming. Skilled and qualified individuals across various fields are all required for iGaming companies. People with experience and certifications in fields of ICT, Computing & Programming, Web Design & Development, Network, System & Data Engineering, Graphic & Product Design, Digital Art as well as roles related to Marketing, Management, HR and Technical Support are all essential to running a successful organisation in iGaming. Not to mention, professions in Financial as well as Legal Specialists in iGaming law are also on the increase within the industry.


A Career in iGaming


The iGaming industry has brought along with it an excellent offering of roles which are necessary to be filled for all companies to operate. With the industry thriving due to advances in technology, there must be sufficient staff which understand, adapt and implement changes for the benefit of the running of the company. That being said, the iGaming industry’s growth has introduced a new global sector for employment. Working with a company in iGaming does not only offer promising career advancements, but also attractive salaries, great working conditions and positive social experiences.

With iGaming continuously growing, it makes sense that companies within this industry are highly competitive. Affairs within such companies are high-paced and ever-changing, and therefore companies seek individuals who are ambitious and motivated to succeed. A can-do attitude is necessary to improve and move forward in the right direction, not only for the benefit of the company, but also for the benefit of the individual themselves.

Being an international hub for iGaming, Malta employs over 9,000 people working in the industry. This figure is also a showing of the exponential growth of iGaming in Malta, providing a win-win situation for the Maltese economy as well as for individuals seeking job opportunities - be it a fresh start or a career progression. As already mentioned, talents from various fields come into play within an iGaming company, with a well-maintained balance of creativity (in terms of recognising emerging trends in the market, promoting online services, increasing customer acquisition, designing unique and engaging interfaces, artworks and games to optimise customer attention, participation and overall experience on the online gaming platforms) as well as problem-solving related techniques (with regards to the behind-the-scenes work with back-end and front-end development, programming and data analysing, and running consistent and responsive servers).


iGaming Culture


Companies in iGaming understand that the behaviour, attitude and state-of-mind of each employee makes a difference to the company’s success. Therefore, they also work to support their employees as best they can by offering unique working environments and focusing on each employee’s personal development. Through these efforts, such companies have created a culture which is based on a balance of fun and responsibility which has proven to reduce stress levels on the job and set a more clear mind to execute tasks and duties. Such cultures are set to create a positive way of life when at work, and revolve around perks which are offered at the workplace, such as healthy food and beverages for all employees, inclusive breakfast on selected days of the week, Friday evening post-office hours drinks, and lounge areas to unwind and socialise, all within state-of-the-art office areas. 

Gym memberships are also provided to employees—another encouragement to a consistently healthy lifestyle. These companies also take pride in organising out-of-office social events for employees, be it evening beach parties or workshops, the clear goal is to induce a lifestyle which helps employees interact and feel a sense of community within the company. Such social benefits create a positive effect on a personal level too, as going into work with the right mind-set allows one to achieve higher rates of success.


Future of iGaming


The revolution of the internet is perhaps the single-most important factor to thank for the rapid growth of the iGaming industry in recent years. Now, there is an even bigger factor at play, that of the smartphone. With internet connection barely being an issue in today’s day and age, mobile users are constantly connected. Online casinos are now shifting their attention to mobile-based platforms and apps in order to appeal to the convenience and attention of on-the-go mobile users - whether on the way to work, on a lunch break, at the cafe, or at the comfort of their home, users are always connected to the internet. 

The power of social media is also a major influence, with iGaming companies focusing their marketing efforts to platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to gain a greater outreach to current and potential customers. The future of iGaming is therefore partly based on the affects of the mobile-internet era, which is seeing fast growth in social media browsing time. Moreover, the industry’s future looks bright when taking a look at the statistics which show a steady increase in company expansion through human resources and business opportunities.

Big companies in iGaming already call Malta home and base their operations here, and it would be no surprise if others had to follow suit. The EU online gambling market is also expected to grow in a stable manner to almost €25 billion by 2020, a figure which further motivates iGaming companies to expand and invest within the industry.

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