Sustainable Business: Part 1
09 Jan 2023 2 mins read By Andrea Amato

In a series of blog posts, we're re-visiting our publication Sustainable Business to share our findings and make our work more accessible on our platform.


Sustainable Business: Part 1


Helping every day be more eco-conscious: Industry best practices and leadership advice. 


The push for better climate initiatives has been around for decades, but have only been truly prominent in the last few years, where we’ve seen catastrophic events occur around the world due to worsening climate change. Every person, job in Malta or elsewhere, and leader, has a role to play when it comes to advocating for green initiatives that will help combat the climate crisis.  

In this publication, we will focus on an organisational perspective to sustainability. That is not to say that any best practices discussed cannot be explored within other environments too—we know that many workers are situated at home, or elsewhere, working remotely. Any conversation that surrounds sustainability should be explored within a collectivist lens, meaning every person has a part to play to better the environment.  

Organisations have unique considerations when it comes to sustainability, as they face their own risks attributed to climate change. For example, organisations that own office spaces or headquarters risk losing these in the circumstances of natural disasters, such as floods or wildfires. It’s true that businesses now face other pressures that are operational—in that policies must be amended to support greener practices across business functions.  

As industry leaders around the world acknowledge the detrimental effects of climate change, organisations will have to continue amending their practices to endorse sustainable initiatives or face potential legal action and reputational concerns. Nevertheless, building a sustainable business can seem complex at first sight—due to the many ways organisations can adopt greener operations.  

This publication presents the following chapters: Mission Statement, Commitment, Progress, Technology, and Research, to guide leaders and employees in ways they can contribute to sustainability in the workplace.  


To read the entire publication, register on our website and access it directly online. 

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