Meet Castille’s Senior Search Team
16 Jun 2022 2 mins read By Andrea Amato

In the past few years, the workforce has been inundated with changes in the way they understand and conduct their work. Whilst the notion of remote work is not a novel one, its flexible approach allowed organisations the opportunity to amend their business models and prepare for a digital working society. The result has been a powerful shift for heightened expectations in support of remote work, and now hybrid work, internationally.


From TAA to Senior Search


With the above in mind, Castille has noticed this shift in the global market first-hand. Our Talent Acquisition Advisory (TAA) team understood that companies were seemingly more interested in retaining their core talent and growing their businesses accordingly. It is for this reason that TAA will once again evolve with the needs of today’s workforce and transform into a new team: the Senior Search team.

We recognise that professionals within our growing ecosystem require advisory specifically on ensuring they select the best senior talent at their core. Our senior network who forms part of our platform will learn more and benefit from our market guidance that is tailored to implementing diverse successful workplace strategies.

Although Castille steps away from the crowd once more since pioneering specialist recruitment in Malta in 2007, we will continue to pipeline talent, which is still at the heart of our Senior Search team. The focus will develop to support intermediate and senior talent, including technical profiles, line management, and upwards into c-suite and executive jobs within Tech and Finance.

Our dedicated Tech and Finance areas include:

  • Accountancy,
  • Technology,
  • Legal & Compliance,
  • Financial Services, and
  • Gaming.

Perhaps one of the most exciting prospects for our Senior Search team is its expansion to include on-site or remote jobs on a global scale. Our placement procedures will work to support an increasingly remote approach, including business models that adopt a hybrid model of work. Rather than ensuring companies have available talent, we will return our focus on serving our clients with recommended talent.

With the above in mind, we welcome all our products and their cohesion within our ecosystem to provide our network with long-term and sustainable talent. In summary, our current positioning is as follows:

  • Senior Search focuses on senior technical and lead positions,
  • Our Labs team scales capacity in engineering and accountancy, and
  • Digital is available for all other Tech and Finance jobs.

Senior Search, Labs, and Digital continue to operate together as we evolve alongside the demands of a novel workforce and the global market. We look forward to having you join us in our journey to provide you with the best workplace solutions alongside such demands, as we continue to learn of new ways we can best offer you our long-term support. 


Interested in joining the Senior Search team? Send us an email to

Senior Search
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