How To Travel While Working Remotely
04 Aug 2022 2 mins read By Beverly Abela

One of the best aspects of remote working is the ability to work anywhere you want, simply bring a laptop, and find a secure internet connection. This allows remote workers like software developers and engineers for instance, the ability to travel like digital nomads and live like locals in new places for as long as possible. 


Even though the pandemic has put a restriction on this advantage in recent years, more jobs in Malta or elsewhere are offering diverse remote opportunities and professionals are eager to travel again. 


In the following guide, I will share everything you need to know about working remotely and travelling like a pro. But before you start looking for flights, you should begin your journey by drafting up a plan to travel while working remotely. From personal experience, this can be challenging, but with some prior thought, working remotely whilst travelling can be truly rewarding.


Create a good plan


Sure, you might be tempted to just plan away and take a relaxed approach to your time abroad. However, if you do not prepare ahead of time for all the intricacies of travelling and working, you might not be able to do as much sightseeing, or other activities as you'd like. 


By following the tips below, you can make the most of your working day and of your free time. Although unlimited holidays are one of the best corporate benefits for any remote team, firstly, learn what would be expected from you when working remotely:


  • Look at your company’s work policies
  • Talk to your managers to find out how many hours you need to put in and how often you should check in
  • Is it every three days? Use asynchronous communication (typical in remote settings) to stay on track


Then, you want to plan your workload around your itinerary: 


  • Determine what days are dedicated to sightseeing, visiting family, or simply not working
  • Create a schedule allocating these days
  • Divide your work tasks to fit under certain timeframes
  • Organise your tasks around your travel plans, for example, you can write your tasks on sticky notes or on a work planner
  • Inform your team about your plans and let them know what to expect while you are working a remote job


Build your own workspace


Just because you can take your laptop anywhere doesn’t mean that all workspaces are the same. Find a potential workspace whilst working your remote job that suits your productivity style:


  • Look for areas you can work comfortably and without distractions
  • This can help with generally settling into a new area or country
  • For some people, the soundscape of a crowded, busy café is invigorating
  • For others, this can be distracting, and these individuals need a quiet park or gazebo to work in, for example


You can also look for coworking spaces in your area. This can be a positive solution if you’re looking for a stable working environment and a reliable internet connection. In a coworking space, you’re guaranteed a workspace, and you do not need to fight for a power outlet when your laptop gives in to its limited battery life. 


Additionally, many coworking spaces offer you the option to rent your space by the day, week, or month. Since these are essentially office spaces, everyone around you is in a working mindset. This focused atmosphere allows you to keep to your schedule and gives you time to talk during breaks. You can meet other remote workers, share travel tips, and explore a new community together. 


Keep your technology secure


It’s important that you check with certain internet requirements and your company’s security policies when working a remote job. Here are some tips to consider:


  • You should not rely on free Wi-Fi, including those that are in your hotel for example, a café, and other public places, as they are notoriously vulnerable to hacking
  • Some companies have it in policy to not use public Wi-Fi for work purposes
  • Consider a VPN (which encrypts your IP address) to conduct your tasks, especially those that are data-sensitive
  • Think about investing in a portable hotspot where you can take your own Wi-Fi network with you wherever you go


Perfect your portable office


Working remotely requires good organisation to pack a portable office in addition to your travelling gear. This might be a drawback for some, but if you keep note of a checklist that you can use for any travel location, a work from home job whilst travelling will become easy. Consider the following to inspire your checklist:


  • Your laptop and some sort of protective sleeve or case to prevent damage whilst travelling,
  • Other hardware you might need, such as a wireless mouse and headphones,
  • Notebooks and pens
  • Professional clothing especially for virtual meetings


You should also ensure you have a backup device option to work with in case one fails, gets lost, or damaged. For example, you might want to choose a hotel that has office equipment available. Whatever works for you, be sure you’re prepared for any circumstance when working your remote job.


Lastly, be wary of time zone differences and how these may impact your job. If you work in a different time zone, your company may expect you to check in and meet deadlines on their time. Sometimes, you can expect overlapping times for scheduling online meetings. This is an excellent time to refresh your workflow and tools for asynchronous communication. Mastering remote communication will help you feel more productive and cooperative while you are away. 


If you follow the tips illustrated throughout this article, you will have generally less to worry about when you want to travel while working remotely. As long as you make a plan, coordinate with your team and find the right workspace, you will be productive and see all the places that are on your bucket list. 


Now that you have a clear vision of how to prepare yourself while travelling and working remotely at the same time, you probably cannot wait to get on that plane and explore the world. Although it's not always easy to plan all this, if it's certainly something you'll want to try, working remote jobs can provide the perfect opportunities to do so.

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