Finding Purpose & Success in your Job
12 May 2022 2 mins read By Andrea Amato

Whilst the meaning of success differs among individuals, for many, success in the workplace arises when one feels they reap the most enjoyment from their work. The work trajectory can experience many shifts, whereby at times our work can feel stagnant, and at other times the most hectic. If you are feeling like you are not enjoying the most out of your work, this article will provide some ideas into why looking for success in what you do is essential for a greater happiness in life.

Alternatively, you may be a recent graduate or are transitioning into a new job in Malta or elsewhere entirely, meaning you are looking for ways you can generate success in a prospective career. Success can help you progress in your career and receive the recognition you deserve. It can also help you stand out among other job applicants with similar talents. Whilst success can arise in many forms, generally, individuals must maintain a consistently determined mindset to their work and selves.

In other words, success can benefit not only our professional lives, but our personal ones, too. To summarise, you can look for purpose and success in your on-site or remote job for the following reasons:

  • Improved job satisfaction: if you feel you are accomplishing at your job, you will generally feel more excited to take on projects and enjoy your daily role.
  • Better and stable mood: the feelings of recognition, validation, and accomplishment can mean a lot in making us feel proud about ourselves and our work direction. Success in this way can improve your overall confidence and happiness.
  • Rewards: hard work really does pay off—as managers or employers who recognise your success can reward your efforts by offering you a salary raise or similar forms of compensation.


Tips for Finding Career Success


Everyone will set out some goals to advance in their careers. If you’ve not prepared a career plan already—it’s worth exploring how to write one to upskill and remain on top of your work efforts. Goal setting can be a great way to feel accomplished as you reach these throughout your career. Whilst there are many tips to find success in your on-site or remote job, there are a few points to consider first:

  • Select a career path that is right for you: no matter your current work situation, ensure that the profession you are in is one you want to succeed in. Does your current job align well with your values and interests? If you are uncertain, take some time researching your occupation and other potential avenues.
  • Own your career: whilst our family and friends can have the best intentions, they can also pressure you into selecting a job that does not bring you any joy. In line with the above point, ensure the career you are in is one that makes you happy and is worth pursuing further.
  • Define success: success has no singular meaning, rather, you grant power to what success means in your life and individual circumstances. Success to you can mean a salary raise, goal accomplishments, validation from managers, and so forth. Defining success is important to ensure you can recognise it when it occurs to you and feel that sense of deserved achievement.
  • Be accountable: success represents the highlights of our jobs in Malta or elsewhere, but remember that mistakes happen along the way too. Instead of putting yourself down when these occur, remember that we are only human, and everyone goes through these experiences. Instead, work on how you can prevent these errors from happening again and maintain a positive composure as you work your way out of it.
  • Ask for help when you need it: no one progresses adequately in their careers without a little help and guidance from peers or managers. These individuals can teach you ways to advance in your career as you gain more experience and knowledge in the field. If you’re still starting out at your job, you can explore mentorship opportunities with external professionals who inspire you.
  • Relish in your success: recognition from your manager is always positive for your efforts, however, you also need to support yourself in your achievements and reflect on these successes. Instead of waiting for someone to congratulate you, spend some time motivating yourself as you progress in your career.
  • Maintain a positive work ethic: success is earned through hard work and consistency. Setting a routine for yourself and a good attitude as you undertake your on-site or remote job can keep you focused and confident.
  • Engage in upskilling opportunities: career advancement can be at a standstill if you do not learn new knowledge or skills over time. Even if you are great in your job, there are always ways you can challenge your skills and improve these. Upskilling is also a great way to showcase employers your willingness to learn and grow.

Overall, success can be highly beneficial for your career development and is an opportunity to remain engaged in your job. 


Successful Reminders


Remember that our working lives are constantly evolving and developing over time. We learn new skills, gain novel tasks and responsibilities, and the jobs market determines trends in organisational climates. Success is not a linear curve and is one that also fluctuates. Be kind to yourself and your efforts, and ensure you maintain a sense of motivation that can help your career progress. For final notes to remember, we summarise the above through the following:

  • Take initiative on new projects,
  • Listen to your peers and workplace role-models,
  • Know that you can change your career at any time,
  • Find ways to measure your own performance and learn to improve,
  • List your strengths and unique goals,
  • Learn new skills and knowledge,
  • Communicate and build positive relations with peers, and
  • Be open to feedback from peers and management.

To really gain success in your job in Malta or elsewhere, you need to build trusting relations with colleagues and upper management. These individuals will help you progress in your career through collaboration and feedback. Maintain a solutions-oriented mindset and be prepared to take on challenges, but remember, it’s down to you to determine your success in the workplace.

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