Elevate your Personal Brand
01 Sep 2022 2 mins read By Andrea Amato

Vishalee Bikoo on being consistent and authentic on social media and in real life. 


A personal brand can be defined by the way you carry yourself online. The values you present on a portfolio website, for example, can illustrate to others your overall identity alongside other belief systems. The online world is vast and ever expansive, meaning establishing your personal brand can help you stand out among many internet users. 

Building a public persona of yourself can take some time. It requires some thought and reflection into what matters the most to you, and how you’d want to present yourself to others in a digital realm. You want to create a personal brand that is authentic and truly representative of what you stand for, so that you can continue to elevate and communicate your brand to reach potential employers. Overall, your personal brand can serve as a refresher of who you are and what you want to achieve in your on-site or remote career

Whilst a personal brand can serve individuals multiple purposes, we at Castille can share advice on how to use this online identity to impress recruiters and successfully build a career you are proud of. Vishalee Bikoo (Human Capital Consultant) shares her knowledge on how your personal brand can kickstart a positive relationship with recruiters, and how you could maintain a strong online presence over time. Our below conversation has been edited for length and clarity.  


Creating New Career Opportunities 


Vishalee, we know that the workforce is embracing technology and digital media to support their everyday needs. Constructing a personal brand is one way individuals can distinguish themselves online. What do you understand by the term ‘personal brand’? 


In my opinion, personal branding is all about how we market ourselves online and offline. It is about how we want others to see us. It is up to us to showcase our best self to make a positive online impression as nowadays, part of the way to succeed is through personal branding. I personally consider it to be the key to stand out from the crowd. 


What can professionals do to build their online personas, across on-site and remote jobs, to grab the attention of recruiters?  


There are numerous ways to grab a recruiter’s attention through personal branding. Professionals can sign up on relevant social media platforms such as LinkedIn to be closer to recruiters and other key experts in their domains. Then, they could upload a professional photo of themselves and actively update their profile to  demonstrate their skills and experiences.  

The individual’s profile will be the first impression that  recruiters will have. Thus, they need to keep it updated and detailed enough to contain relevant keywords which might render them easily searchable by recruiters. They can network with people sharing similar experiences, or even experts in the industry to refer them to recruiters. Professionals can post content related to their field regularly to make  themselves more visible on social networking sites to grab the attention of recruiters and industry leaders. 


Connecting with industry leaders and similar professionals can indeed be a great start to building a personal brand. How can a strong online presence help create new career opportunities for these professionals? 


Since Covid-19, a lot of individuals are focused on creating content and building their network on social media platforms to connect with people globally and increase their chances of finding relocation or remote jobs. It also helps if they remain updated with new technological or general workplace trends, and build relationships with those who share the same expertise who can potentially act as a referral for new opportunities. 


How can professionals maintain a strong online presence over time? 


Consistency is key! Being consistent in multiple aspects including but not limited to posting or resharing content online regularly, keeping your profile updated to add key skills, qualifications and work updates, remaining up to date with industry related changes, networking with experts in their field, attending webinars and conferences, and so forth.  


It really is up to the professional to learn how to optimise their social media accounts and use these to their best advantage. Is there anything you think candidates should avoid when curating their personal brand? 


The first thing to avoid is developing a personal brand that does not reflect who you are. For example, I have come across professionals who are good at marketing themselves, while their work  experience says another story. Avoid posting controversial or a lot of political content on social media platforms, as that may derail recruiters. It’s true that, at times, companies monitor the social media accounts of individuals before recruitment. Hence, it’s best to avoid posting certain content so as to not leave the wrong impression. 


All valuable points. Is there anything else you would like to share today? 


Through our conversation, we discussed the online aspect related to personal branding. I’d like to add that professionals should also really focus on their communication skills. There have been several occasions where I have come across people who seem to be great on paper, however, they are unable to market themselves well through conversation which reduces their chances of getting the job. 


These are all brilliant ways professionals can create a positive online presence and uphold it over time. Thanks for joining me today. 


Thank you! 


This article was taken from The Castille Quarterly Newsletter |  August 2022

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