Did you Know We’re on Social Media?
02 Aug 2022 2 mins read By Andrea Amato

As the Global Specialist Network in Tech and Finance, we’re always looking for ways to help our ecosystem of business professionals grow. We know that our network is nothing without the support of a community-driven culture that celebrates a modern, remote workforce.

Whilst our platform is dedicated to serving you with the latest finance and IT jobs in Malta or elsewhere, we aim to provide you with leading insights on the current jobs market and additional career advice you can apply to your daily on-site or remote job. You can find these resources from our blog, job insights that detail specific job requirements, and our specialist publications.


Our Social Media Channels


Additionally, we’re expanding and growing the relationships we hold with our network on social media. We love to hear how you perceive the world of work and engage with our numerous posts on all things Tech and Finance. If you’re looking for other ways to keep up with Castille and our journey, check out our social media channels:

We look forward to connecting with you across our social media. Whilst we do our best to respond to your queries on these platforms, if you have any questions or interests in our on-site or remote jobs, please register on our platform or email us at brand@castillians.com.

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