Developing Career Wellness
15 Jun 2022 3 mins read By Andrea Amato

A few years ago, when remote work took the working society by a storm, every business professional rushed to set up their dedicated home workstations and proceed business as usual. As many of us carried our remote jobs at home, the boundaries between work and home life grew increasingly blurred. Wherein the past, the office environment served as a physical workplace boundary; the home office cannot provide the same cut-off.

With the above in mind, business professionals from around the world continue to navigate how to set a routine alongside remote or hybrid work. Whilst leaders can encourage work-life balance, the onus is up to the individual to ensure they are taking the time for themselves and other personal commitments. For those who have thus far struggled to settle into their remote job due to such blurred boundaries, are left to face other wellbeing concerns such as a lack of motivation in their work and burnout.

That being said, remote jobs have also introduced advantages alongside its challenges. With a worldwide shift to attend to health and wellbeing, the workforce is prepared to set their values at the forefront of their careers. Generally, professionals are looking for a greater purpose in their on-site or remote jobs. The remote working culture has welcomed flexible arrangements with open arms, meaning people no longer believe in rigid working hours.  Connections and diverse collaborations can positively occur online.

Of course, finding purpose in your job will need its own introspection. Take the time to explore your interests and values, and what you’d want in your career. Making note of some kind of plan to support your career development along these values is a calculated step forward into discovering improved career wellness.


Defining Career Wellness


Prioritising career wellness helps you feel more engaged at your on-site or remote job, gives you purpose and motivation, and mainly aligns well with your personal values. It’s a means to ensure you do not feel stagnant in your career and overall contributes to your wellbeing by feeling more satisfied at work. 

The positivity of career wellness is that it can apply to any job in Malta or elsewhere, even if you have not yet arrived at your dream career. It’s a way of life to feel better about your current positioning in the world and to look forward to your next steps. No matter the technology or finance job, for example, you can take some time to understand how your current profession contributes to your general wellness. 

Further, the work you do means more than your job title or your salary. Spend some time exploring what really fulfils you in your role and how you can generate your energy towards these elements of your job. Exploring what motivates you at work early-on can help you remember what to prioritise as your career progresses.


Explore Career Wellness with Job Crafting


In organisational psychology, career wellness can be likened to a well-researched phenomenon called job crafting. Job crafting is a way to find more purpose at your job by considering the following:

  • Job duties: if you feel as though your job tasks are weighing you down, see if there are ways to actively amend these. Observe whether there are interesting projects you can partake in, for example.
  • Interactions with peers: connecting with others is invaluable to ensuring we feel meaning in our work. Look to build positive relations with your peers and do away with the office politics altogether.
  • Perception of work: it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in your on-site or remote job and feel as though your job is running you down. Perhaps after some reflection, you can find ways to learn that there are elements of your job that aligns with your values—and this change of perception can do wonders to your overall satisfaction.

In job crafting, the above three elements can be actively pursued by business professionals. It requires a desire for change and better control of the job you are in. Ultimately, job crafting also serves to ensure that in the circumstances of adversity, you are able to handle these challenges through a resilient attitude and generate further positive experience in the workplace.


The Importance of Career Wellness


As the working society, we hear a lot about improving our work-life balance and the significance of self-care to keep us going. Albeit the term ‘self-care’ has turned into a phase of its own, that’s not to say that pursuing career wellness follows the same trails. There are specific targets for career wellness, including productivity and wellbeing. There is a clear premise to look for purpose in your job, to which you can follow job crafting techniques to achieve, for example. 

Career wellness in truth can help you understand your present positioning at your on-site or remote job, no matter the occupation, and assist in creating a long-term development plan that is true to you and aligns with your values. In other words, it’s a practice to shaping your perceptions of the workplace more positively to ultimately lead your dream career. In being more mindful of your career, you can be more accountable for your actions, take on the projects you truly want to be a part of, and continue to grow as you learn.


Creating a Career Wellness Plan


In a previous article, I’d written about finding purpose in your career and a few exercises you can examine to outline your values. Defining these does take an active approach, especially if you want to implement change in your job in Malta or elsewhere. To begin your career wellness journey, spend some time to really determine what you value in the workplace. 

You can ask yourself the following questions to creating a career wellness plan:

  • What makes you happy at your work?
  • What qualities do you need in an employer?
  • What qualities do you want to avoid in a company?
  • What means the most to you in building connections with others?

Be open-minded in exploring your values, and list these down as they arise in your mind. You will notice that many of your interests and values align, painting a greater picture of what your purpose is. It can be a wonderful journey to discover more about yourself, and you can continue to add to this list as you grow.

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