Castille's Favourite Blogs: August - November 2022
11 Jan 2023 2 mins read By Andrea Amato

This quarter’s hand-picked stories. 




Empowering People with Assistive Technology 


To ensure technology can be useful and accessible to everyone, we must build and develop products so that they are inclusive of individuals with diverse characteristics and abilities. Assistive technology refers to any product, equipment, and system, that aims to deliver helpful learning solutions for people with disabilities.


Life at Castille


Castille’s Jordan Arrigo Discusses Today’s Job Market Demands 


There will always be a divide between employee preferences and employer needs in today's on-site and remote careers. As the job market is adapting quickly in recent years, this divide appears to widen further. There’s increased competition across jobs in Malta or elsewhere, leading to individuals needing to upskill in new areas of their professions. This article features a conversation with Jordan Arrigo, Castille’s Tech Search Consultant, on his experience in mediating the market.  


Remote work


How to Travel While Working Remotely 


The flexibility of remote jobs makes travelling around the world sound like a dream. Before packing your laptop and buying your next travel ticket, consider our guide for what you need to prepare to successfully work remotely in another country. Namely, how to organise your journey and create a good plan, build a portable workspace, and keep your technological devices secure. 




All Eyes on Green Technologies 


Technology harnesses the power to build solutions to some of the most devastating issues surrounding climate change. Whilst the technological industry itself needs better sustainable practices, green technology aims to redress the way we design and develop products and systems. Particularly, how to innovate long-term solutions and measures that support a sustainable approach through thoughtful development and principles. 


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