Castille’s Consultants on Finding Great Talent in 2023
25 Jan 2023 2 mins read By Andrea Amato

I recently shared a conversation with Darshinee Munsaram (Senior Human Capital Consultant) and Cristina Rodarte (Human Capital Consultant) to discuss what it’s like to be a technological consultant today and their experience in finding the right talent for diverse IT jobs. Below presents a transcript, which has been edited for length and clarity, of our conversation written from the perspective of Darshinee.


Preparing for a digital and technological workforce


Thanks, Andrea, for giving us the chance to share our experience today, and thanks to Cristina for your help too! Well, firstly, it’s important for us to learn the IT terminology within today’s job market. That starts the journey of being a consultant for a modern workforce.

As you know, the current market is changing rapidly. It’s important for us to be aligned with these changes, to learn the tech terminologies, to be able to provide a good service in our daily work as consultants.

When communicating with clients, we need to understand their requirements very well to be able to provide them with their perfect candidate fit. For candidates, the more we understand their projects and what they’re telling us about their experiences, the more we’re going to give them a better candidate experience and find the remote careers they’re looking for.

To achieve the above, we have a very organised process between parties to understand requirements. Candidates typically know how to present themselves well, but as tech consultants, we make sure that they are fit to the role in discussion.  We have candidates who want to work with the latest version of a certain technology and make an effort to keep themselves updated. 

Whilst these may seem like little things that aren’t so significant, in reality, they are very important! We need to provide the candidate with the IT jobs they’re looking for and make this process easy for all parties. Overall, this is why it’s important to keep ourselves updated with the IT world—as in the blink of an eye, there are new versions of tech that are released.


Remaining updated with new technologies


In terms of mediums to keep ourselves updated, the first help we receive is internally. Joe (Operations Manager), for example, will communicate to us what we aim to work on in terms of remote jobs. Internal guidance and support, alongside training courses that can be done externally, are very helpful to consider when it comes to remaining updated with new technologies.

Additionally, with internal guidance, we conduct our own independent research. We try to find out whether there’s something new or to move onto the next technology. Our own research is very important.

When there’s a specific requirement, for example, a new technology, we refer to other internal communications that also focus on brainstorming, so that anyone within their respective environments is aligned with each other, and we can work on it. 


Training and support


Perhaps the most important means to keep up with tech as a consultant, in my opinion, are technical courses. In these courses, we’re able to clearly understand the IT world. In tech, the language can be hard—software developers and the like have invested years working in the industry when this is something new for us. 

For managers and individuals looking to provide training, you don’t need to come with a lot of books and material. You can lead teams and ask what they’d like to discuss and learn. To ask what difficulties they’re experiencing and allow room for questions, this is where Gilbert (Chief Operations Officer) comes in for us.

Then, you can discuss these resources in simple words. These are ways we understand technologies so that we’re able to align with the current market and ultimately provide a better candidate and client experience. 

In understanding today’s IT jobs market, we can communicate to candidates their technical skills and give them the impression that they shared a very interesting conversation with us, because we can speak their language. Aim to leave an impression so that anyone interacting with you won’t forget they spoke with someone in your team.


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