Building Interpersonal Relationships for a Safe Workplace
05 Aug 2022 2 mins read By Cristina Rodarte

We define interpersonal relationships as strong connections between two or more people. We are surrounded by them in all aspects of our lives. Although at times work relationships tend to be undermined, it is impossible to believe that humans can work by themselves! So, we all ought to have healthy relationships at work with our peers to be able to maintain a harmonious atmosphere and most importantly, excel at our on-site or remote job.  


The importance of interpersonal relationships at work


Sharing a bond between team members or co-worker’s aids in building trust, positivity, and better understanding. This consequently brings more effective communication and increases productivity among teams. Therefore, nowadays companies and managers emphasise building these connections in our diverse jobs in Malta or elsewhere. 

The importance of building these relationships transcend to having a friendly working environment, generate confidence, and boost efficiency in the workplace. As we share interests with one another, we engage in interpersonal dynamics, making our day-to-day flow with more energy.  A team that does not have these connections tends to create monotony, lack of collaboration, and will subsequently bring performance down. 


How to improve interpersonal relationships in teams


With the above in mind, below are some tips to help you build and maintain your interpersonal relationships with your team:

  • Communicate: having strong communication skills aids in all aspects of life, even more so from a business standpoint, where all organisational transactions result from communication. Good communication allows others and yourself to understand information accurately and quickly. 
  • Show empathy: being compassionate and connecting with others is critical to all aspects of our lives. Demonstrating empathy in the workplace is a key part of emotional intelligence and being an effective leader. By imagining yourself in the situation of another person, you experience ideas and opinions of that person. Showing genuine interest in the needs and interests of others will help you practice these skills. 
  • Practice active listening: listening is just as important as speaking! This will improve your relationships in the workplace. Make sure to face the speaker, maintain eye contact, and give them your undivided attention. This helps your teammate know you are interested and will build friendships and your on-site or remote jobs
  • Be respectful: when you treat people how you’d like to be treated, you can practice respect within your team. Listening to suggestions, feedback, and recommendations are key to generating a positive work environment. Show respect towards other’s opinions and ideas. Showing courtesy and gratitude in your day-to-day interactions can aid you and your team to create stronger bonds. 

When it comes to teamwork, do not hesitate to voice your opinion, follow the tips above and you are likely to achieve success in your on-site or remote job. Take into consideration that all teams are different and in constant change. Evolving and growing as a team is as important as delivering good results at your work. Following ethical standards and keeping your behaviour professional is key to promoting good practices. It is essential for individuals to be honest with each other for healthy interpersonal dynamics and eventually, positive ambience in the workplace. 

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